Rick Cowling on ABC’s “Modern Family”

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Rick Cowling on ABC’s “Modern Family”

Courtesy/Property of ABC

Check it out on ABC television November 13, 2013.

Ya man!

Click here to download/watch the demo video that landed the gig on Modern Family.



  1. 11-14-2013

    Great, loved your performance!

  2. 11-14-2013

    Wow – so nice.

  3. 11-14-2013


  4. 11-14-2013

    Magical ! Wish I could hear more…

  5. 11-14-2013

    you said that song as good as the original singer. At first I though it was original singer. Great job.

  6. 11-14-2013

    Outstanding performance!!!! You nailed it, Rick! Hope Lou Gramm (Foreigner) was watching. 😉

  7. 11-14-2013

    Absolutely a brilliant performance. I want to hear the song again and again. That’s your magic!!! Thanks you Rick

  8. 11-14-2013

    Absolutely phenomenal! Really..I’m thinking you sang it better than Foreigner!

  9. 11-14-2013

    Absolutely brilliant! I just listened to the original Foreigner (on Agent Provocateur) version and I liked Rick’s version even better – more soulful!

    • 11-15-2013


  10. 11-15-2013

    Loved it! I’d buy your records! 🙂

  11. 11-15-2013

    Wow, we just watched Modern Family. I had to search your name — honestly I thought it was someone from Foreigner singing. Great job singing that song!!!

  12. 11-17-2013

    Your performance was so, so perfect that I had to do some Googling to find out who you were! Great job!

  13. 11-17-2013

    Way good job, totally thought you were from foreigner too! Gotta love Modern Family!

  14. 11-18-2013

    Fabulous! I did the same and Paula, googled to find out who you were. What a voice!

  15. 11-20-2013

    What a dy-no-mite performance on Modern Family. Great audition video too. We want more !

  16. 11-24-2013

    Excellent job. I had to look you up from IMDb and then and Google. You should sing that song and have it available on iTunes if possible.

  17. 11-29-2013

    Great job! Have you considered doing a cover album? It would be amazing!

  18. 11-30-2013

    Rick, beautiful beautiful performance!!! I was so moved by the foreigner cover you did. So much better than the original! I listen to it over and over, you have such an amazing voice. Is there any chance I could listen to the entire song on the internet? And also to other music you did vocals too?

  19. 12-2-2013

    Loved your performance on MF 🙂

  20. 12-8-2013

    My husband and I loved, loved, loved your performance. You sounded great and the whole premise was such a hoot. Glad you had the opportunity to do this!

  21. 12-9-2013

    O my god, I went back to watch this show in hulu just so I could hear you sing, absolutely awesome! Wish you sang the entire song.

  22. 12-9-2013

    Please consider releasing that. No background singers – only your voice. Just amazing.

  23. 12-19-2013

    Rick, you should defiantly publish the whole song. When I heard you I thought you were just as good a Foreigner.

  24. 1-8-2014

    the song was amazing! Been trying to get it again since episode finished!

  25. 1-15-2014

    Wow Rick, that brought tears to my eyes. You gotta let us hear more of that. Unbelievably awesome.

  26. 5-1-2014

    Wow. Your vocals are awesome. Great job.

  27. 5-18-2014

    agreed with all above! soooooo much better than foreigner’s and even mariah carey’s version!
    searched all over in case u already did a cover but couldn’t find one… 🙁 please consider covering the whole song and put it on youtube, that would be absolutely brill!