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Rick Cowling is a professional songwriter, musician, actor, producer and performing artist.

He was born near Lincoln, Nebraska and has been playing music since he was three years old.

Music was part of his family as his father, too, was a professional musician.

Rick is a multi-instrumentalist with proficiency on a number of musical instruments.

Some of his recent career highlights include playing guitar and singing vocals with Kenny Loggins (since 2007), playing keyboards and guitar and singing vocals with Ambrosia (since 2009) and plays with other bands and orchestras.

Rick has been one of L.A.’s go to vocalist for a number TV and radio spots. Actually, his work is heard on a number of spots up and down the California coast.

He’s also heard  on a couple national spots for clients like Ralph Lauren “Romance.”

Rick did work on the Phineas and Ferb episode on Disney (Doof Dynasty). Rick was the singer on “The Way of the Platypus.”

Rick Cowling is also the songwriter and singer who produced many songs for the new movie, “Snake & Mongoo$e.”

A talented, pristine artist, Rick Cowling is well respected in the music industry and recognized as one of L.A.’s absolute musical gems.

Rick enjoyed a recent phone call that landed him a performing role on ABC TV’s hit show, “Modern Family.”

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Performance is the relationship an artist has with the audience. It can be filled with once-in-a-lifetime magic.

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